New Testament Community Church 
Peyia, Paphos, Cyprus

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The Laymen's Bible School provides an opportunity for busy people to undertake a comprehensive weekly Bible School course. The school meets for group study in a number of homes and there is a choice of evening or daytime classes. So that finance is not an obstacle to anyone who wishes to  participate, the cost of the course is kept to the absolute minimum - no more than the price of a coffee each week! 

There are Summer, Autumn and Winter terms with meaningful time to relax between each. Class convenes for no more than 90 minutes and can be undertaken by long standing Christians, absolute beginners, or those who have an interest in getting to know what the Bible is about.

The material was written and kindly made available by Rev Rick Hufton, a successful Pastor who is married with 3 children and author of 15 additional study books.

The first year course is entitled 'Foundations For Christian Growth', with an available second year course entitled 'God's Plan For Christian Service'

We envisage (with the author's approval) translating the material into modern Greek so that Greek speaking students who successfully complete the course may go on to lead their own groups in the local language. 

The school has already proved a popular way of providing necessary discipline and a consistent, growing knowledge of the Scriptures.

We don't believe in standing still in our spiritual walk. We grow in faith through our deepening relationship with Jesus.

We currently offer the following opportunities:-


Alpha Courses are held periodically when small groups are taken through this exploration of the Christian faith.

Discussion and enlightenment on the scriptures and what Jesus means to us, will open your eyes and heart to a deeper spiritual understanding which will bring a joy to your discussion. You will make new friends as you 'explore' together this journey we have embarked upon.


Any new Christian will be full of questions and to avoid any misunderstandings a nurture group may supplement the Alpha course. A more experienced Christian will meet with you (or in a small group) and take you through the essential scriptures that will form the foundation of your walk with Jesus. There is plenty of time to discuss and reflect on the issues that need to be learned in the relaxed atmosphere of home surroundings. Many strong friendships have been formed in these groups, which help you to root yourself in your new found faith so that you grow spiritually and flourish in all the things that God has promised us.

Meetings will commence to suit you and your mentor once you have made a commitment to know Jesus as your Saviour.

For more information just email us.


Why home groups?

This is church in the week where we meet in various homes. We have two Home Groups in locations in the Paphos area. We encourage each other in love and unity and pray about any issues that have arisen. We study scripture together and praise the Lord Jesus for all His goodness to us. We are a family of followers of Jesus and we share His love.

The groups are informal, supportive and relaxed. Discussion takes place on God's word and how we can use it to enrich our lives. Often prayer issues emerge and we pray for each other. Our concern and care grows as we support individuals in practical and spiritual ways.

For more information, contact our Church Secretary Kelly MacIntyre  00357 99-471961 or ask at the church on Sundays