New Testament Community Church 
Paphos, Cyprus

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Members and friends of NTCC have given their testimony to be included in the web-site. It will be seen as you read through that God really is working in people’s hearts, at varying speeds, at different ages and in many different ways.These testimonies will be changed every month to give you an insight of our members and their private walk with God.

Kelly MacIntyre

I grew up in Fife, Scotland, but I was not brought up in anyway around church or God and had no idea of God’s love for me. I met Adrian in 2005, we married 4 years later and have been blessed with 3 beautiful children. Adrian’s Mum invited me to attend their family Church and after a few visits I began to feel I had finally found what was missing in my life. Over the next few years I would say I was exploring God but didn’t get a better understanding of Him until I attended an Alpha Course. The course really blew me away, but I still hadn’t fully given my life to The Lord, until we moved to Cyprus in 2012 and found NTCC.

It was through the love of this Church and doing The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren that I finally gave my life to the Lord and was then Baptised in 2013. Over the past 6 years, through the love and teachings from NTCC and their congregation, my faith and love for God just grown stronger and stronger every day.

I feel so blessed to be able to raise our children in a Christian Church family and it’s such a blessing to see them growing up with an amazing Love for God.