New Testament Community Church 
Paphos, Cyprus

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      Guidelines For Meeting                       On Sunday

The layout of our meetings will look very different. Unfortunately, until further notice there are strict rules we have to observe, not just for our safety, but also in order that the Coral Star is seen to be complying with everything. Therefore at the moment, even couples cannot sit together. Please do not move the chairs.

On arrival.

On arrival you will be asked to use the hand sanitiser and you will be given a mask unless you have brought your own. You will be required to wear this at all times.

We will also need email addresses and phone numbers in should we have a case of the virus occur and need to contact you quickly.

You may sit anywhere, but the front row is reserved for the Elders and Speaker in order to minimise movement around others,


At present the bulletin will be emailed to you each week.


Once everyone has arrived a photo will be taken of the congregation. This is in order that if we did happen to have a case of the virus, we can easily see who was seated close to that individual.

Breaking of Bread.

Again, this will look very different.

We will ask you to come out from the back first, and you must stay 2 meters apart. Please come down one aisle and back up the other.

A parent and a child may share the bread and wine/juice.

The person leading communion will wear a mask and gloves. They will break the bread into pieces and the wine/juice will be in small disposable glasses. When you come to the table, please hold out your hand and the leader will drop the bread into your hands. When you have taken the wine/juice, please drop the glass into the bin.


There will be envelopes provided for you to put your money in and a plate will be brought round for you to place your offering on. Please do not take the plate to pass on to the next person. The person collecting the offering will do this.

At the end of the meeting.

The rules for the restaurant are different to rules for a gathering, and the chairs will be closer together. However, having taken care to shield particularly any vulnerable members, we recommend that you continue to be aware of social distancing, and we understand if you do not want to stay for coffee.

Please do not come to a meeting if you are feeling unwell and especially if you have any symptoms related to the virus.


Vacancies still exist for helpers and supporters, in the areas of Technology, Junior Church and our Helps Team. All work on a 'rota' system and full support/help is given, if you can lend a hand in either of these important ministries please contact: Secretary
Kelly MacIntyre on 99 471961.


For a small donation you can enjoy FREE accommodation at the

'Katafiyio Retreat House'

Please see the 'in church' notice board for more details.