10.30am Family Service


Coral Star Restaurant, opposite Phillipos Supermarket, in Coral Bay


Take the Tomb of the Kings Road from Paphos(Pafos) towards Coral Bay. At the roundabout continue straight on for 500 yards approximately and you will find The Coral Star Restaurant (Petsas Apartments) on your left hand side.


Father you are the rock upon which I stand, the foundation of all my faith, without which life will just crumble to dust.


Our guidelines for sharing and showing the love of Jesus in our church and community, stem from 1 John 3:16

We know what real love is because Jesus gave up His life for us.  So we ought to give up our lives for our brothers and sisters.

To enable this to happen in a practical way we have developed teams who have specific tasks and responsibilities.


We have joined with the Anglican Church in Paphos (Pafos) to provide a regular visiting team for all the local hospitals, where we will be welcomed.

These include:

Blue Cross & St George's Hospital, St Michaels Hospice,  Iasis Hospital, Evangelismos Hospitalthe General Hospital and the Virgin Mary Home.

Our aim is to provide a listening ear and help, where we are able, to solve any difficulties arising through illness. We try to visit all English speaking patients on weekdays; this includes visitors and residents. 

The service is carried out by volunteers who feel they have a calling for the work and there is no charge unless purchases have been requested by the patient, and in this case reimbursement of the cost will normally be required.

Team Contacts: Brenda Backhouse Co-ordinator   99-804161

Polis Co-ordinator: John & Penny Smith or duty officer 97-732697


No matter how big, no matter how small the problem!

If Jesus is interested in it, as He has promised He is, then so are we!

We currently have an Elder, who is available for discussion of any problems or difficulties which you may be experiencing. 

There is no discrimination between spiritual, practical or moral difficulties - we are there for you. Please don’t be afraid to ask for assistance, we will pray for God's guidance through the Holy Spirit and help you as much as we are able in complete confidence.

Please contact Elder Val Morgan, or any other church member, in the first instance.


TALC was set-up by NTCC for anyone needing a visit or practical assistance. Any member of the church who is ill, needing food, driving to hospital or other assistance, can ring Edna Roberts and she has a team she can contact to organise help. Please contact Edna on 97 650960 as the organiser of T.A.L.C.


Currently, the leaders of several Paphos churches are periodically meeting and working together. 


We are celebrating our differences and working together to see God make a difference in our area.  Our Father made us all unique and so we are seeking to experience unity within our diversity, and using this to bring people from many walks of life to hear the Gospel.


Ministers and Elders meet for prayer, sharing and fellowship together and joint church meetings, where we all praise and worship together, which have brought blessings in abundance.


Easter, Pentecost and Christmas joint events have proved a great success and  It is hoped that this aspect of our joint fellowship will increase over time


Women's Breakfast - this runs on the last Saturday each month.  Contact  Rose Bishop on 99 184468.